Seed Starter Pots

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Seed Starter Pots

  • Degradable pots & growing mix
  • Includes plant markers
  • Just add water to the growing mix & it expands into your soil
  • Makes 20 pots

An eco friendly way to start growing your seeds.

We recommend using these eco friendly Seed Starter Pots for most seed types (except for root vegetables as they are best direct planted).

The growing mix comes in a compressed pellet. Once water is added it expands into your pot to create the perfect growing mix for starting seeds. It is a free draining mix of peat and coir that retains enough moisture to help seeds start growing.

Once your seedling is established you can plant your pot direct into your garden or larger pot without needing to remove your seedling first. The pot will degrade away leaving nothing but the plant behind.

Includes plant markers so you can label your seeds

Full instructions are included

Pots are 60mm size

**seeds & plants not included**