Multi Coloured Eco Pots 10 Pack

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  • Top 6.5 cm x Height 8.5 cm x Base 5 cm
  • 10 Pack - Mix of colours
  • Natural vegetable dyes
  • 100% biodegradable 
  • Made from coir (coconut) fibre & natural latex
  • All natural alternative to plastic pots
  • Great for succulents
  • Plant propagation

Our multi coloured eco pots are made in Sri Lanka via co-operatives. They are made from coconut husks that were previously discarded & natural latex which binds the husks together. The vibrant colours are created using natural vegetable dyes.

Usage life is around 18-24 months. However, the pots will only start to break down once they are planted in the ground.

The pots allow water and air to move through the pot. This makes them great for plants that do not like water retention such as succulents & cacti. It also allows for healthy root development of all plants as roots do not become bound in a ball like in plastic pots. Instead they allow roots to grow naturally, horizontally and through the pot. Once the roots contact the air, the air stops the roots from growing and secondary roots develop. This is known as aerial root pruning.

The pots are 100% biodegradable and can be planted straight in the ground or larger pot. This avoids transplant shock which occurs when plants are removed from pots and re-planted.

The pots come in a range of colours - Red, Purple, Green, Brown, Orange, Cream and Black. You will receive a mix of different colours. Colours included are subject to availability, colours cannot be requested & you may not receive all colours.

Care notes: Pots in sun will fade over time & colour transfer may occur on some surfaces. Pots are designed for propogation & not long term use. They are more stable once filled with soil but may need additional support to stay upright.