Autumn / Winter Seed Pack

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Autumn / Winter Seeds

  • 6 seeds
  • Seed growing notes and full growing instructions

Take the guess work out of gardening. All of these seeds can be on-planted into larger pots or a garden. They are all space saving varieties so you can maximise the amount of plants you can grow.

Full seed growing notes are included

Veg / Salad

Sugar Snap Pea

  • Grows sweet, crunchy peas sized around 5-8cm
  • You will need a trellis or bamboo teepee for support

Kale Mini Blue Curl

  • Quick and easy to grow greens
  • Pick young leaves for salads and large leaves for cooking

Asian Greens

  • Mix of tatsoi, pak choy and bok choy
  • Use in stir fry's and soups

Spinach - Perpetual

  • Looks and tastes like spinach but is actually a type of silverbeet
  • Well suited to growing in our more extreme weather conditions
  • Use young leaves in salads and larger leaves in cooking.

Lettuce Red Salad Bowl

  • Loose leaf lettuce with soft, tender red tinged leaves



  • Orange, red and gold flower mix
  • Very fragrant and long growing


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