Order & Design Guidelines

Artwork Guidelines

Your ready to print label design will need to be provided in PNG, JPEG, PDF or PSD format unless an alternative format is agreed. 

Minimum of 300dpi is recommended. Low resolution files can result in poor print quality results.

All fonts must be outlined or embedded. Fonts smaller than 8pt are not recommended.

CMYK (not RGB colour mode)

Seed Paper Grow Kit label size is 65mm x 65mm

For print to edge designs, allow a 5mm outside bleed otherwise there could be a white border on your label (i.e design goes 5mm beyond the cutting area on each side). In addition, do not include any text or logo that you would not like to have trimmed off within 4mm of inside of label.

Flatten all layers.

Please check your label design thoroughly as we will supply your design as per your text and do not proof read your text.

If we are engaged to design your artwork - we will not complete your order until we have received an approved proof. This may increase the processing time of your order if the approval is delayed.

Label Printing

Please note there may be some variances in label design alignment between labels. Whilst all care is taken to ensure labels are printed to our high standards there will sometimes be minor alignment differences that are unable to be adjusted in the printing process. This is why bleeds are important (see above) as inside text or an image could end up cut off due to different alignment of labels during printing.

Please note label colours will generally print darker than they appear on your screen. 

Seed Paper Printing

Unfortunately we only have capacity to undertake a small number of custom seed card printing jobs in the following size:

** A6 folded card (A5 flat) **

Seed paper is handmade using recycled paper and although it is mostly a white / cream colour there may be flecks of other colour within the paper.

There may be minor variances in the sizing of seed paper products and custom printing on seed paper. Unlike machine made 'standard' paper, handmade seed paper is uneven in texture. This can result in minor sizing shifts during the cutting process. Whilst this is usually unable to be noticed, please be aware of this when developing artwork. For example, a square box on your artwork may not sit exactly aligned with the edge of the paper so this may be more noticeable than if there is no parallel lines in artwork. 

Seeds on the paper's surface may result in artwork appearing differently. For example, if your artwork includes an image of a person be aware the seeds could appear on their face, in their eye, and this can result in a different appearance to your artwork.

Paper weight is approximately 180gsm. Not all pages will be the same weight and may be uneven in texture

Seed paper is printed using water based inks.

All seed paper artwork requires a minimum of 9mm bleed.

Solid colour background printing is not recommended.