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We are so glad you have found us. We are a family owned & operated online seed product business operating from our studio in Brisbane, Australia.

How we started

Greenery Lane has been making plastic free seed products since 2017. We started out primarily as a plant based business but as we started to explore other ways of growing plants without plastics we made our first seed growing kits and seed paper greeting cards.

Why plastic free

We have been proudly plastic free (both products and shipping) right from the start. During the planning stages of our plant business we came to realise how heavily reliant the plant industry is on plastic pots.

We were looking into how many pots we would need to order and could visualise a thousand plastic plant pots. We knew that most of these pots would end up in landfill. And it would be because we decided to use them.

It was the first seed of an idea that our business grew from. What if we could avoid using plastic pots? And once we realised that it was entirely possible we decided to continue our plastic free ethos in everything we do. From our products to packaging to shipping, everything is compostable or recyclable.

About our Seeds

Our seeds are at the heart of everything we create so they are very important to us. Over the years we have developed a network of trusted Australian farm seed suppliers.

We use seeds that we want to use in our own backyards. They are not genetically modified and are open pollinated, as nature intended them and not created in a lab or factory.

Our Products

We have created a range of seed growing kits and seed paper products that are not only environmentally friendly but easy and fun to grow. We want to make growing plants accessible to everyone regardless of the space you have or your gardening knowledge.

We were once beginner gardeners too and know how overwhelming it can be knowing which plants to grow and when. So we have made our products easy to use and easy to know which is the right product to choose for the right season.

Our motto is Happy Growing and we want everyone growing happy healthy plants!

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