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Growing Tips

Growing Seed Paper

Seed paper has had seeds embedded in the paper during the manufacturing process. Plant seed paper shapes under a thin layer of soil and water well daily (keep damp). Keep in a sunny spot (windowsill or sunny kitchen bench is perfect). After approximately 7-14 days the first little sprouts should appear. 

Once the plants are a little bigger, the size of seedlings, then you can reduce the watering to every 2-3 days. If you have grown your seed paper in one of our eco pots you can transplant the entire pot into the garden or larger pot and avoid transplant shock.

Seed paper can be grown all year round if protected from frosts. However, for best results:

North of Brisbane

Grow Native Daisies in late Autumn and Winter

Grow herbs from Spring to Autumn

South of Brisbane

Grow Native Daisies in Spring and early Summer 

Grow herbs from Spring to Autumn

How to care for established plants:

Native Daisies

Grow in full sun to part shade. Grows ok in poor soil but needs good drainage. Plant 20cm apart. Plants will grow 20-30cm tall. Low maintenance once established.


Grow in full sun to part shade (part-shade in Queensland) in well-drained soil. Water regularly. Frequent picking will help the plant to produce more leaves. Fertilise regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hasn't my seed paper started growing?

Growing times are only approximate and it may take longer for seeds to start growing depending on conditions. If you don't have any growth after 21 days check that the spot is warm enough and that you have been watering regularly. Seeds need to stay damp in order to germinate. 

You can speed up growth by placing the seed paper or pot in DIY mini greenhouse - a recycled plastic container with some holes. A recycled tomato or strawberry container is perfect.