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Teacher Gift - Pocket Garden Seed Growing Kit

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Teacher Gift - Pocket Garden Seed Growing Kit
  • Everything needed to grow a plant - just add water & sunshine
  • Inside each kit: 1 x coir disc (seedling starter pot) plus seeds from Australian farms
  • 3 seed options - Garden Flowers, Italian Herbs, Wild Flowers

Pocket sized seed growing kit - Thank You for Helping Me Grow

Each Pocket Garden contains everything needed to grow a plant - biodegradable coir disc and seeds from Australian farms.

How does it work?

The coir disc (coir is made from coconut fibre) comes in a compact, compressed form in the seed growing kit but expands into a seedling starter pot once water is added.

Then you just need to add your seeds to the expanded coir disc and place in a spot recommended in your seed notes. We include detailed seed notes with each kit.

The coir seedling starter pot is biodegradable. Once the seedling is established the entire seedling and pot can be planted into a larger pot or garden.

Full instructions are included.

Approximate size of Pocket Garden product is 14cm x 9cm x 2cm

Approximate size of seedling starter pot once expanded is 4cm x 4cm

Seed Options:

We have 3 seed mix choices. Each kit contains a mix of the seeds, depending on the seed mix chosen. You may not know which seed type has started growing until it fully grown.

Garden Flowers

A mix of Alyssum, Marigolds and Queen Anne's Lace seeds

Loved by bees and great companion flowers for your garden

Garden flowers Greenery Lane seeds planting to grow in pots or gardens. Australia alyssum queen annes lace and marigolds

Wild Flowers

A mix of Swan River Daisy, Strawflower and Cosmos seeds

Colourful pretty flowers that are suited to our hot dry Australian conditions

Australian wildflower seeds gift grow kit seed paper handmade eco friendly

Italian Herbs

A mix of Basil, Thyme and Oregano seeds

The perfect herbs for cooking and adding those big bold Italian flavours

herb seed kit Australia grow italian basil oregano thyme. Eco friendly gardening unique wholesale gift ideas

Best grown by October 2024

Please note the coir discs are not wrapped and some unsettling of contents may occur during shipping.  


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