Custom / Corporate Gift - Pocket Garden

Custom / Corporate Gift - Pocket Garden


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Minimum order: 500

We can customise the entire front and back label of our product Pocket Garden. Pocket Garden is not much bigger than a seed packet but includes everything you need to grow a plant.

With Pocket Garden you don’t need a green thumb, an outdoor space or messy pots and soil to add a bit of greenery to your life.

Everything you need to start growing is included, you just need to add water and a bit of sunshine. And because it is small you can grow it pretty much anywhere - on your kitchen window, office desk or sunny bathroom.

What's in a Pocket Garden:

  • Soil block
  • Seeds
  • Instructions & seed notes

What's not in a Pocket Garden:

  • Plastic! All of the packaging in Pocket Garden can be home composted.

How does it work?

  1. Add water to your soil block
  2. Add your seeds (follow included seed notes)
  3. Watch it grow! 

3 seed types to choose from: Swan River Daisy, Basil or Alyssum. For more information on each seed type see the relevant product page here:

Order processing time: 3-4 weeks

Discounted pricing available. Please contact us for a quote