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Why eco friendly & what's the difference?

Mel Briody

Posted on October 04 2017

This week on the blog I wanted to share a little bit more about why we decided that Greenery Lane would only sell eco friendly gifts & what that even means.

When we set out on our journey to create a company for our plant & seed paper gifts we quickly realised how heavily reliant the plant gifting industry is on environmentally unfriendly pots. Most plant gifts are given in throw-away single use plastic or concrete pots. When we started to think about all the potentially hundreds of plastic pots we would be selling as gifts if we did the same, we thought about what would eventually happen to them. The answer was that they would simply end up thrown away and it can take up to 100 years or even more for plastic or concrete pots to decompose in landfill. It seemed a shame to us that a beautiful plant gift could end up being not so eco friendly after all.

                                                                               Photo credit: Iowa State University

We decided we didn’t want our pots to end up in landfill for 100 years so we set out to find ways to keep our plant gifts eco friendly, without compromising on style or functionality. It was not the easy road but we are proud to say that we did it! All of Greenery Lane's beautiful plant gifts are made using 100% biodegradable materials. Absolutely everything we use from the pots to the ribbons and gift tags is biodegradable. Our eco pot favours for example are made using a compostable pot wrapped in cotton fabric and tied with natural jute or hemp string.

In order to ensure we are confident that our products are eco friendly, most of our products are handmade by us using locally sourced materials where available. This means we can ensure our products don't contain any hidden nasties such as toxic plastic based adhesives and glues. We have also committed to using 100% recycled paper for all our products including even our shipping packaging.

Unfortunately there is still a lot of plastic out there and we do end up with plastic pots when purchasing from nurseries. Our solution is to propagate and grow our own plants wherever we can and re-use the nursery pots we have collected. 

So what this means is when you choose to give a Greenery Lane gift you can be confident that you are choosing to give a gift that is not only beautiful to look at but also good for the environment.

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