Plastic Free Pledge

Mel Briody

Posted on November 01 2019

Greenery Lane has been a plastic free business right from the start (2017). And even though it hasn't always been easy, we are proud to say that all of our products and packaging are plastic free!

This one decision has laid the foundation for who we are as a company today. In fact, we may not have even started making seed paper or our seed kits without going down the plastic free path.

So how did we get here? If you have been following us from the start you may already know that we started Greenery Lane as a succulent plant business. I wanted to share my new found love of these pretty and easy to grow plants and started selling succulent wedding favours and teachers gifts.

When I was in the planning stages I was mapping out how many pots I would need and where I would source them from. It was when I was thinking about how many pots I would need I realised that they would all just end up thrown away eventually. I did some research and found out it can take hundreds of years for plastic pots to degrade (!!) and in the mean time they break up into tiny little pieces that can be harmful to wildlife.

It was my 'a ha' light bulb moment about the use of plastics that really opened my eyes to how harmful they were. I decided then and there that I didn't want my products to still be here when my great great great grandchildren are! So I started sourcing only natural and degradable pots.

It was when I was trying to think of other eco friendly ways to grow plants and re-use materials that I made our first seed paper cards and seed kits. These were a success in Christmas 2017 and have since taken over Greenery Lane.

So thank you for supporting us and supporting plastic free. You have helped us to stop thousands of plastic pots from ending up in landfill. And even though it has not always been easy to source the materials we need, and it is definitely a lot more expensive, your support has helped us to keep going.

Small changes can make a difference!


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